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Public Health

Public health is a shared responsibility. Let's work together for healthier communities and a brighter future.

health policy

Effective health policy is the cornerstone of a robust healthcare system, ensuring equitable access and quality care for all.

corporate health

Corporate health initiatives boost employee well-being, productivity, and morale. Invest in your team's health for a flourishing workforce.

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Years Experience

We Provide Evidence-Based solutions in healthcare

I am a seasoned global health expert with 30 years of experience driving impactful public health initiatives and strengthening healthcare worldwide.

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The project achieved remarkable success, exceeding all expectations and delivering outstanding results within the defined timeframe and budget.

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Customised Action to Fulfil Public Health Commitment

Customized actions are the key to fulfilling our public health commitments. I innovate approach to ensures tailored solutions for healthier communities.

Developing Solutions For The Health

Passionate about developing solutions for health challenges, we are dedicated to creating innovative and effective approaches that improve well-being and make a positive impact on communities worldwide.


NCD Strategic Planning

Mapping out effective strategies to combat non-communicable diseases, fostering healthier communities through informed decision-making.

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Healthcare System Strengthening

Enhancing infrastructure, resources, and capabilities to provide accessible, efficient, and quality care for improved public health.

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Corporate Wellness Programs

Custom initiatives promoting employee health and happiness, boosting productivity, and fostering well-being within the workplace.

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Behavioral Change Interventions

Targeted approaches for fostering positive habits and healthier lifestyles, driving lasting improvements in well-being.

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    How Our Services Work

    Step - 1
    Landscape Analysis

    Examines and interprets complex environments for strategic insights.

    Step - 2
    Solution Creation

    Innovate, design, and implement impactful solutions for complex challenges.

    Step - 3

    Executing plans effectively, turning vision into tangible results for success.

    Step - 4

    Gauging progress, measuring outcomes, and adapting for continual improvement.

    Our Consulting Case Study


    Global Policy Development in Noncommunicable Disease Prevention and Control

    Strategy: The 21st century has witnessed a paradigm shift in the way


    Walk the Talk: A Journey Towards a Healthier Workplace and Corporate Wellness Program

    Strategy: The “Walk the Talk” Program, initiated by Dr. Temo in 2016


    Collaboration and Establishment of Partnership at the National Level

    Introduction Non-communicable diseases (NCDs) have become a significant public health challenge in

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